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1770 born at Cockermouth on the River Derwent, in the heart of the Lake Distric

1778 Wordsworth`s mother died

1779 having all of the children at home was to much for his father and so young Wordsworth was sent to school at Hawkshead

1783 His Father dies

1787 Wordsworth went to Cambridge, Trinity

1790 Wordsworth went on a walking tour of Europe with a friend from school named Robert Jones

1791 receives his Degree from Cambridge, Trinity

1791 he returned to France, with the very vague plan of mastering the language preparatory to becoming a traveling tutor

1792 had an affair with Annette Vallon

1792 return to England

12/15/1792 his daughter Caroline was born, baptized on December 15, 1792.

1793 Wordsworth wrote A Letter to the Bishop of Llandaff (it was not published until after Wordsworth`s death)

1795 a young friend named Raisley Calvert, whom Wordsworth had been nursing, died of tuberculosis. In his will, he granted Wordsworth a legacy of 900 pounds, hoping to encourage his friend to deovte himself to poetry

1795 In August he met Coleridge, and the two became fast friends.

1797 Wordsworth and his beloved sister Dorothy moved to Alfoxden House (only a few miles from Coleridge`s home at Nether Stowey)

1798 Coleridge, along with Wordsworth and Dorothy, went to Germany

10/04/1798 Lyrical Ballads was published (the work was released anonymously though it is known to be a colaboration of sorts between Coloridge and Wordsworth))

1799 Leaving Coleridge to his studies in Germany, they returned to England, and settled at Dove Cottage in Grasmere

1800 Lyrical Ballads second edition is published (Though this time it bears Wordsworth`s name as author)

1802 A third edition of Lyrical Ballads, with an expanded "Preface," is published

05/24/1802 Earl of Lonsdale died, allowing Wordsworth and his siblings to finally come into their inheritance

1802 War between France & england ends, allowing Wordsworth travel to france and meet his daughter Caroline. This also gave Wordsworth closure to the relationship with Annette Vallon

1802 Wordsworth married his childhood friend, Mary Hutchinson

1803 the first of Wordsworth`s five children was born

1804 Coleridge, in poor health and with a steadily worsening opium addiction, left for an extended Mediterranean tour

1805 Wordsworth`s sailor brother John drowned

1805 Wordsworth managed to complete The Prelude

1806 Coleridge returned, just in time to help Wordsworth prepare Poems, in Two Volumes for the printer

1807 the rapidly growing Wordsworth family left Dove Cottage and moved to Allan Bank

1812 the poet`s daughter Catherine died

1812 his son Thomas died

1813 given the post of Distributor of Stamps for Westmorland

1813 the family left Allan Bank for Rydal Mount at Ambleside

1814 The Excursion was published

1831 Wordsworth meets an awestruck John Stuart Mill

1833 Wordsworth became acquainted with Emerson

1835 Wordsworth became acquainted with Carlyle

1836 he met, separately, Robert Browning and his future wife Elizabeth Barrett

1839 he was named an honorary Doctor of Civil Law at Oxford

1840 Queen Adelaide paid a visit to Rydal Mount

1843 on the death of Southey, Wordsworth was named Poet Laureate

1845 he met Tennyson, and the two exchanged kind and complimentary words

04/13/1850 At the time of his death on April 13, 1850, Wordsworth was widely considered the greatest poet in the world, and a national institution

1851 Prelude was published under a title suggested by Mary Wordsworth

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